INTO THE HURRICANE Best Action Adventure Book for Teens

It’s almost a cliche at this point to say that a teen book isn’t just for teens anymore. Parents treasure this book just as their teens that love reading it.


Jack Hall proceeds, in the action-packed new adventure book, to the popular teen action author.

The response that came in for INTO THE HURRICANE as Best Action Adventure Books for Teens is remarkable. Jack Hall, the author of INTO THE HURRICANE, appears to hit the spot.

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Jack Hall’s new series is vivid. There is nothing more exciting than reading the action-packed page turner. Be prepared to stay up all night reading.

Into The Hurricane is an adventure story, that takes the reader on an intense journey from the boys home in Texas to Norfolk, Virginia through to the ship’s dramatic moments going into the hurricane. The book combines a unique adventure onboard an ocean freighter with the treacherous betrayal of the Captain.

Butch Carson and his friend Bill Cody spending the most exciting, distinctive, and around-the-clock adventurous time of their summer vacation on a freighter traveling the Atlantic. They experienced the force of a hurricane that they are going into like few others ever have.

Captain Dexter was thrilled when the weather forecast came in about the storm. He placed such great importance on staying out into the Atlantic for his personal gain, that he made a reckless decision, he ordered to change course south, further out into the Atlantic and directly into the hurricane.

Their journey is truly a unique adventure. Both young teens have the rare privilege to discover a conspiracy to sell the shipping line, that they are sailing on. The two boys are hired as part of the crew and Butch realizes, that Captain Dexter is part of a conspiracy to force the owner into selling to his archrival. Butch and Bill have to find a way to warn the owner, Mr. Bendel, not to sell the shipping line. The insidious plot makes an exciting story of adventure.

Butch Carson Adventure series by Jack Hall

There is nothing more exciting than reading a Butch Carson Adventure, that is an action packed page turner. The book series which are full of suspense and adventure takes the reader directly into the story told.

The Butch Carson Adventure series is a collection of journeys where Butch Carson, an American teenager who discovers plots and conspiracies, is accompanied by his best friend, Bill Cody. Each book will inspire an interest and open up to learn something about the world around us. In addition to the story told, each book is notable for its selection of remarkable facts.

Butch Carson is an everyday teenager, a student-athlete from Texas Riviera High School, that is an exceptionally popular teen. Jack Hall is the master of the action-packed adventure story.

Best Action Adventure Book for Teens

Buy INTO THE HURRICANE from Amazon, ISBN No 978-0996998512

INTO THE HURRICANE Best Action Adventure Book for Teens

Automotive Solutions with SAP

Automotive Solutions with SAP_front_coverNew Guide Helps Automotive Companies to Gain Insider Knowledge for Maximum Productivity

Automotive Companies Can Finally Capture Essential SAP Knowledge

The book helps automotive companies to discover and use tools and techniques that will help transform them into high-effective business drivers.

In Automotive Solutions with SAP: Generating Full Integrated Best Business Processes That Lead to Improvements, Growth, and Contributions, ($29.95 bookforces Publishing, December 2015) author Ralph Kierberg taps into 18 plus years of hands-on experience and know-how to outline successful strategies tailored for automotive companies. This detailed, guide includes examples of rapid backflush, real time supply-to-line, variant configuration that are model based, demand planning, vehicle and engine manufacturing and other significant automotive challenges.

This timely and practical guide doesn’t just explain why an automotive solution is important – it shows how to use cost-effective plans and tactics to reach local and global goals, educate SAP decision makers, and recruit SAP users to adopt. In Automotive Solutions with SAP: Generating Full Integrated Best Business Processes That Lead to Improvements, Growth, and Contributions, offers fascinating real live examples, detailed instructions, and a rich array of tools and tactics that will help automotive companies learn how to:

  • Create an affordable project plan that integrates goals, objectives, and key strategies
  • Determine which tools and tactics will have the most impact on the organization’s goals
  • Develop an automotive solution with powerful advantages that will capture executive attention and resonate with SAP users
  • Maximize the automotive potential of an organization’s activities, business processes, and resources

“When I speak to automotive groups about the best automotive solutions, they are never interested in theory,” says Ralph Kierberg. “They want to know how to do it – what tools and tactics will get them the farthest? Which approach will have the greatest impact with the least amount of budget? When is an avoiding risk a good idea and when is not the best choice for developing a custom function? Ralph Kierberg wrote this book to give them the answers and information they need to succeed in a highly-competitive, increasingly complex automotive environment.”

Ralph Kierberg has more than 18 years of specific SAP experience; his SAP background includes leading projects at automotive companies that are top ranked in the world. He leads and implement SAP solutions; his clients include automotive, gas and utility, industrial products, consumer goods and aerospace & defense organizations.

Automotive Solutions with SAP: Generating Full Integrated Best Business Processes That Lead to Improvements, Growth, and Contributions

$29.95, 6 x 9, paperback, ISBN: 978-0-9969985-0-5, available at Amazon

Automotive Solutions with SAP