The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff

Very clear review of the book The Witches Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff



We’ve all heard of the Salem Witch Trials. In 1692, fourteen women, five men, and two dogs were convicted of witchcraft and put to death. Another man refused to confess and was crushed to death, probably within earshot of his wife, also imprisoned for witchcraft. In his classic “The Crucible,” Arthur Miller referred to this time as the “coming madness,” a warning to us of the chaos that can envelop a community when paranoia and persecution intersect.

It started with the kids. Puritan children in Salem were expected to be miniature adults, quiet and obedient to a fault. So when girls started making strange sounds, spreading their arms out like wings and pretending to fly (basically nothing babysitters today would blink at), to their community there was only one explanation-they must have been bewitched. Perhaps jealous of the attention these children were getting, more girls started acting bewitched. And their…

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The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff

Book Review: The Witches by Stacy Schiff

Excellent Review

The Ohioan

Witches-Stacy-SchiffStacy Schiff’s The Witches: Salem 1692 was an incredible disappointment. I’m an avid reader; two of my favorite subjects are history and the supernatural. I’m enthralled by both fictitious history and the bloody reality of our collective past. Therefore, when my favorite non-fiction author published a work on the Salem Witch Trials – combining history and the supernatural – I was thrilled. Schiff’s 2010 Pulitzer Prize winning work, Cleopatra: A Life, had taught me nearly as much about the ancient world as my university class, “Roman Achievement.” Schiff painted ancient Alexandria so vividly that, should I ever invest in time travel, the Egyptian city will probably be my first stop.

Cleopatra’s clever nature, her humor, her strife, it all beat like a living heart off the pages in Schiff’s biographical work. I expected The Witches to deliver a a similarly educational but moving portrait of New England’s dark history. After reading Cleopatra…

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Book Review: The Witches by Stacy Schiff

Team Avatar, Detectives at Your Service

The Book Wars

It’s no secret that I’m a huge admirer of Avatar: the Last Airbender, tv show and comics both, so pardon me while I fangirl a little, and bear with my semi-academic writerly argument. But Team Avatar? Totally a detective group, solving the mysteries going on in their own specific time and place with people they know, and (side bonus) getting at solutions for the universal mysteries that recur throughout history and across the earth. You know the ones – situations that crop in history class which seem dead and gone except, wait, they’re still happening.

This is going to become ENTIRELY SPOILERY, by the way. HUGE SPOILERS ahead. If you haven’t seen the show and read the comics, turn back and save yourself reading experience while you still can. I mean it.


So. Mystery in The Promise (parts 1, 2, and 3)?…

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The movie “13 HOURS” drives book sales

Both are excellent the book and the movie

bookforces book selling and publishing

American Sniper was yesterday; 13 Hours is a new military movie that is set in the Middle East. The movie is in theaters and the book is sky rocking the charts.

13 Hours by Mitchell Zuckoff was already a best seller at the time it was published. The movie with John Krasinski playing the Navy Seal drives with its publicity boosting the book.

13 Hours: What Really Happened In Benghazi by MItchell Zuckoff

The harrowing, true account from the brave men on the ground who fought back during the Battle of Benghazi.

13 Hours13 HOURS presents, for the first time ever, the true account of the events of September 11, 2012, when terrorists attacked the US State Department Special Mission Compound and a nearby CIA station called the Annex in Benghazi, Libya. A team of six American security operators fought to repel the attackers and protect the Americans stationed there. Those…

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The movie “13 HOURS” drives book sales

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official Trailer – “Tear Down The Wall”

bookforces book selling and publishing

The Divergent Series: Allegiant In Theaters March 2016! Starring Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Jeff Daniels, Octavia Spencer, Ray Stevenson, Zoe Kravitz, Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Daniel Dae Kim and Naomi Watts.

After the earth-shattering revelations of INSURGENT, Tris must escape with Four and go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago. For the first time ever, they will leave the only city and family they have ever known in order to find a peaceful solution for their embroiled city. Once outside, old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless with the revelation of shocking new truths. Tris and Four must quickly decide who they can trust as a ruthless battle ignites beyond the walls of Chicago which threatens all of humanity. In order to survive, Tris will be forced to make impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.

Allegiant (Divergent Series)

AllegiantThe explosive conclusion to Veronica Roth’s #1 New…

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Official Trailer – “Tear Down The Wall”