Hack that church!

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The Tithe, Vol. 1 by Matt Hawkins, Rahsan Ekedal

Tithe issue 1Tithe issue 2Tithe issue 3Tithe issue 4

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You can find this book on Goodreads and Amazon.

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Why did I put 4 covers you might ask? Because this volume has 4 issues each with covers as you can see above and together they make pretty rainbow-like pattern :D. So yes, my only reason was – because they look pretty together. Live with it 😛

Now for the story…

It is kind of a modern Robin Hood story. We’ve got a group of activists called Samaritans who discovered some nasty money business going on in some way-too-rich churches and they want to put an end to this. They even sent some proof to FBI, so the “good guys” could handle it, but since the bureau wasn’t working efficiently enough Sam and her…

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Hack that church!

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